Recipes Using Master Sauces

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Starting January 2018, each month we will release a set of recipes for the respective sauce in the list below. All downloads are free of cost, we do suggest a small donation to help us meet our mission to EndLocalHunger™.

  1. Recipes Using Peking Master Sauce                                  Free Download      Jan 2018
  2. Recipes Using Moroccan Master Sauce                                Free Download       Feb 2018
  3. Recipes Using Thai Master Sauce                                          Free Download       Mar 2018
  4. Recipes Using Jamaican Master Sauce                                  Free Download     April 2018
  5. Recipes Using Salsa Verde Master Sauce                             Free Download       May 2018
  6. Recipes Using BBQ Master Sauce                                          Free Download      June 2018
  7. Recipes Summer Fun                                                               Free Download        July 2018
  8. Recipes Using Sichuan Master Sauce                                   Free Download        Aug 2018
  9. Recipes Using Salsa Roja Master Sauce                               Free Download        Sep 2018
  10. Recipes Using Punjabi Curry Master Sauce                         Free Download        Oct 2018
  11. Recipes Using Marinara Master Sauce                                 Free Download       Nov 2018
  12. Recipes Holiday Celebration                                                  Free Download        Dec 2018

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