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Roseville School Students, Weekend Hunger

The statistics are disturbing, 1 in 5 school children in our community face hunger. During the week, these children rely on the meals provided by their schools, however many are food insecure during the weekends. Persistent hunger results in poor physical, mental, and academic performance. They need our help. The Placer Food Bank distributes 7,542 take-home BackPacks to these children during the school year. With your help, we can include wholesome BagOfLife® meals.

Sierra College Students, Hunger

For 1 in 3 students in colleges, the phrase “starving student” can hit close to home. Many routinely skip meals and take ‘poverty naps’ because they cannot afford groceries… Stories about college hunger have been largely anecdotal, cemented by ramen and macaroni and cheese jokes.” NY Times, Kaya Laterman, May 2, 2019. Students at Sierra College in Rocklin are trying to make sure no one on campus has to go hungry. They have opened a food pantry which is open to all students experiencing food insecurity. With your help, we can provide the food pantry our wholesome BagOfLife® meals.


Developed under the nutrition guidance of Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente, the meals contain super grains, are vegan, and without corn, rice, soy, and wheat. There are no added colors. Each dollar provides two wholesome BagOfLife® meals to students facing hunger in our community.

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