October 9,2017: Home Start, Roseville, CA

Deepest thanks to the staff for hosting a cooking session to test out the recipes for our Magic of Master Sauces program. We prepared the Peking Master Sauce and cooked three dishes in electrical skillets: Chicken Peking, Pork Peking, and Vegetables Peking. We will be using these and more recipes for follow up cooking classes at Home Start for the resident families. The underlying approach is to prepare a Master Sauce in bulk, freeze in ice trays, and then use appropriate amount of the sauce when ready to cook. This way, the actual dish cooking is reduced to about 10 minutes each. Our thanks to Justine, Alison, Ann, Ashley for taste testing and providing very helpful feedback.

Gopal Cooking

Gopal Cooking, Justine, Alison, Ann, Ashley.

Last Photo (From Left): Gopal Cooking, Justine, Alison, Ann, Ashley.