October 10, 2017: The Gathering Inn, Roseville, CA

We have the privilege of being a part of the compassionate and loving service the staff at The Gathering Inn provides to those facing difficulties in our community. Below is a message we received from Mr. Nick Golling, Resource Center Manager.

“During his time at The Gathering Inn, Curt utilized the resources available to his advantage. During his final months of his stay, he participated in, and graduated from, the Ready To Rent class offered on-site, through this, was able to maintain housing. He was thrilled to be sent to his new home with a large supply of GrandHotCereal, furnished by FamilyGreenSurvival and the Roseville Rotary Club of Roseville. This is what collaboration and community support looks like: an increase in positive outcomes for the most vulnerable of us.”


Photo: Nick Golling, Curt.