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Two Gurus™ Podcast

Have you given up trying to find a  healthy yet tasty approach to food for you and your family?  In the Two Gurus™ podcasts, Gopal Kapur, Dr. Vinod Chopra M.D., and guests will share their “Eat But SMART™” knowledge gleaned from over 75 years of combined experience in cooking, research, and discovery from food markets, industry sources, and consumers across California and the globe. Gopal and Doc Vinod take complex nutrition information and make it understandable to the general public. Enjoy.

Two Gurus™ Planned Podcasts

  1. Or 3 Americans                            
  2. The Three Myths                        
  3. The Elements Of Nutrition         
  4. Protein Power                                
  5. Good Fat, Bad Fat                         
  6. Carbs Gone Bad                            
  7. The Sugar Mountain                     
  8. Fiber of Your Life                          
  9. Truck Load of Sodium                        
  10. Chemicals & Additives             
  11. Magic Of Micronutrients
  12. Fresh From Fiji

More to Come