Eating Right When the Budget is Tight

From: SacBee Appetizers

Talk to Gopal Kapur of Roseville and you’ll hear him preach about healthy meal plans that promote social and environmental awareness – while keeping it tasty at the same time. I wrote a profile of Kapur and his “Family Green Survival” food program, an approach to eating that combined raw and natural foods and occasional days of “survival eating” (consuming between 800 to 1,000 calories, which reflects the intake of poor people around the world). Kapur’s recently kicked off a new program called “EatingRightWhenTheBudget’sTight,” which provides daily menus and recipes that amount to about $6 a day. Here’s a sample:

Gopal Kapur

French Toast, Fruit Syrup ($.75)
1% Milk, 1 Cup ($.18)
Orange Juice, 1 Cup ($.25)

Tuna Sandwich ($.90)
1 Banana ($.30)

Vegetables, Beans, and Chicken Soup ($1.05)
Beef & Vegetables Stir Fry ($1.52)
Noodles With Peanut Butter ($.26)
1 Orange ($.30)
Walnut Truffles ($.40)

Total: $5.91

Kapur’s concocted more recipes for eating on $6 a day. To download them and learn about his other suggested food programs, visit www.familygreensurvival.com (Free membership required for recipe downloads).