Gopal Kapur

We’d like to introduce you to someone interesting.

by Amber Foster, Style Magazine

When Roseville resident Gopal Kapur first came to the U.S. from northern India in 1962, the blandness of the food here was what surprised him most.

As a child, he’d often help his mother prepare meals, an experience that gave him a passion for flavorful, nutritious cooking. As  founder of the Center for Project Management (CPM), a consulting firm that assists businesses with effective management of technology, Kapur is used to finding solutions for big problems. However, it was no easy task addressing the often-unhealthy American diet. “I just cannot believe how the country has changed, health-wise, since I’ve been here,” Kapur says.

In 2008, Kapur and his family, with the support of the Roseville Rotary Club, started Family Green Survival (familygreensurvival.com), a nonprofit that encourages a reduced carbon footprint, promotes healthier eating habits and provides scholarships to children in need. Through the organization’s BagOfLife Nutrition for Everyone program, Kapur hopes to distribute more than 100,000 delicious, nutritious meals to families in the greater Roseville area, and he is looking for support from 40 local businesses to achieve this goal. “There’s a hunger among us that is not so visible to an average citizen,” Kapur explains. “We have to pay attention.”

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