Diets: Do you know that when your brain finds out about your plan to go on a diet, it produces a hormone in the stomach called Ghrelin; which in turn tells the brain that you are hungry? Now, you are urged by your brain to eat more and most people begin to gain weight. This leads to frustration and you go on a more restrictive diet. Oh, more Ghrelin, a vicious cycle is in place. Production of Ghrelin is one of the key reasons that most dieters eventually gain more weight than they first loose. What to do? First, drop the word diet from your vocabulary, instead use nutrition. Don’t let your brain know you are going on a diet; this signals impending food shortage. Human brain associates this with possibility of starvation and automatically goes into ‘fat saving’ mode. Instead, go on a nutrition program; eat small portions of nutrient rich and high dietary fiber foods; no sugary and salty treats. Do not miss a meal. Also, a well structured exercise regimen works to lower Ghrelin production.